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Conference Day - Thursday, May 3, 2012

Megaconference Jr. 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012 was the 9th Megaconference Jr. Classes and schools from around the world gathered between 6 AM & 6 PM (Eastern Standard Time) to share, educate, entertain, and learn with others. Elementary through college ages were represented. Rural Hall presented at the very first one; Mrs. Gentry's 2nd grade class shared a skit on recycling, reusing, and reducing goods.
This year, Rural Hall's presentation was about the Wright Brothers. Our segment was a part of the "Here, There, and Everywhere" theme hosted by Clyst St. Mary's Primary School in Exeter, England. There were four schools in the segment. Rural Hall's "Here" was the outer banks of North Carolina where Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the first airplane. There is a national park there now with a lovely museum and a model of the flyer. In this segment, the students in Mrs. Throckmorton's 4th grade class shared how the brothers flew the flyer - know as "12 seconds that changed the world."

The second part of the "There" part of our presentation, was a scene in front of the Wright Cycle Shop in Ohio, where the brothers developed, studied, and built the Wright flyer 1. This scene gave some of their history and years of work developing their theories of flight.   We used a kite from the Smithsonian for our Wright flyer.
The third part of our presentaion, the "Everywhere," was students naming the top 25 airports of the world. Atlanta, Georgia was first, with the highest number of travelers.

The day was fascinating, educational, and a lot of fun!  We learned about many new parts of the world. More pictures follow.

Taiwan Team

This wonderful educational program helps fund cancer research.

This is one of the U. K. partners in the group, "Here, There, and Everywhere."  Fantastic presentation!
This picture shows two other "Here, There, and Everywhere" group presentations.  Super job!
Amazing presentation!  We just love MegaConference Jr.!
London Summer Olympics Logo - we learned a lot about how it was made and what it represents.  Cool!
We were thrilled to see MOTE Marine Lab (Sarasota, Florida) present about sharks.  Our kindergarten and first grade students use Sea Trek each year to learn about life in the sea.  The students were waving to Kasey!
The South Plantation High School in Florida was also a presenter.  We enjoyed your presentation.
Another great presentation!
Presentation of a project shared with a super slide show.
Ancient Taiwan opera.  The dancer was costumed in rich detail and moved the white cloths through-out the presentation.  Wow!
Split screen showing a presentation and several of the VJ (video jockey) teams. 
It is so exciting to learn about new things and meet new friends!

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